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Date: March 6th and 7th 2014

Don’t miss the Social Security Disability Practice Institute’s 2-DAY workshop experience, “7 Figure SSD Practice Blueprint” for lawyers who desire to grow or improve their social security disability practice and uniquely profit in a struggling economy.

Whether you are new to the practice area or you are an experienced practitioner seeking more clients and substantial business growth, you will learn proven and time-tested strategies to help you create a more profitable (and scalable!) practice at the SSDPI’s 7 Figure SSD Practice Blueprint Conference.

I have to be honest; I was skeptical about coming because I’ve wasted my money on a lot of training events. I applied just a fraction of what you taught and was surprised at the results it had on my practice.The systems helped my staff become more productive and highly motivated to bring in new business, work is not falling through the cracks like it used to and i’m making significantly more and working less. We will be hiring an associate attorney & more staff this month to handle the new workflow
Steven G - Attorney

Attendees will learn the basics of Social Security Disability law and cutting-edge practice management techniques to keep the income flowing and the workload systematized. Master your knowledge using mock interviews, mock hearings, case studies and step-by-step training for advanced marketing techniques. Attendees of this “one-time-only” event in March will also discover:

  •  How to double your profits with the same amount off time, money, and energy you’re putting into your practice now .
  •  A simple (Yet Powerful) strategy that positions you as the SSD expert in your area .
  • The exact clients to target (and which to avoid!) that will help you sustain a lucrative SSD practice .
  • The basics of SSD law and how to manage claims in a way that is cost-effective and less time consuming for you and your staff.
  • Easy ways to automate and systematize your firm to enjoy a steady income stream that feels virtually effortless and runs on autopilot .
  • Effective marketing strategies designed to attract a consistent flow of new prospects each and every month…without breaking the bank on advertising.
  • How to obtain the income levels you desire without sacrificing your personal and family life.

Unlike most legal training events, attendees will leave with a step-by-step action plan of what to do immediately after they get home from the seminar. We’re holding NOTHING back. At the end of the seminar you can take these strategies and immediately use them to transform your practice into a “SSD Money making Machine” that’s envied by your competition.

Truth is, we’re now living in tough times. Most practitioners are thinking only about “getting by”…about what employee hours to cut, and which office supplies to do without…a time when, sadly, practice owners are even thinking about throwing in the towel on their business dreams and shrinking back the size of their lifestyle ambition in the coming years.

Good news is: Nancy Cavey and I are hosting a NEW 2-DAY workshop experience called “7 Figure SSD Practice Blueprint” intended ONLY for lawyers who SERIOUSLY desire to take advantage of (and profit from) an aging workforce and the current downturn in the economy by adding (or improving) their social security disability profit center.

During this event, we will share ALL of the profit boosting GEMS we’ve developed to build massively successful social security practices for our clients and ourselves over the last few years.

And it’s NOT about how much you know about substantive SSD law or how long you’ve been practicing. Once you hear the STRATEGIES Nancy and I reveal during this seminar, your practice and your financial future will SOAR as you’ve always dreamed.

Why Listen to Us?

We understand your current struggles and frustrations because we’ve been in your shoes. Both Nancy and I faced very uncertain times in which our practices were in jeopardy. When I first began to practice in New York, my legal practice focused on workers’ compensation, as did Nancy’s in Florida.

Since that time, it has been a roller coaster of “Tort Reform” that has gone well beyond the McDonald’s coffee cup cases. Every single day workers’ compensation was the whipping horse, reform was bandied about, and it was injured workers and those most deserving who got the short end of the stick.

In so doing, the legislatures and the politicians found ways to blame the attorneys to make our lives more difficult, to make the pressure on us more so, and to turn what was a respectable and incredibly useful and beneficial legal practice into an absolute quagmire of bureaucratic reforms, low fees, high pressure and little reward.

It seemed that practically overnight, our main income source had run dry, and we were forced to start completely over to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.

Looking back, it was actually the best thing that could have happened, as it thrust us into the little-known, yet extremely lucrative world of Social Security Disability Insurance law. Using very specific systems and marketing strategies, we were both able to quickly build 7-figure SSD practices from scratch—and our new thriving practices resulted in less work, less management and fewer headaches than ever before!

Nancy and I have been able to “tap a secret” that is not an overnight purple pill, but is a way to develop a legal practice where we both now live the life of our dreams working “on” our Social Security Disability practices, traveling on vacations, traveling around the country on other business ventures, and doing what we want on our time and in our own way. Our practices are three times as productive as they ever have been because of the systems we have created. What would it be like to have a more profitable, stress free practice? You can have such a practice, and it is a lot closer and easier than you think.

Nancy & Brian

Both Nancy and I have easily achieved far greater success than the vast majority of other practitioners in the disability world. If you have seen the Wall Street Journal articles about the Social Security Disability world, you can see there are the big players (making over $88 million in fees), and then the average attorneys making $350,000.00 per year in fees. What would it take to make $1 million, $2 million, $10 million, in a way which honors you and the lifestyle you want? The answer is simple. Not much more than a true commitment to creating the practice in using the systems which we have created.

We are at our peak and we want to teach others. We want to give back to our profession, and we want to be able to help the disabled the best way we know how by providing the best legal representation to the most people throughout the country. We are eager to show share this knowledge with you because every time we appear before a judge, we know the way we perform, how we have screened the cases, how we have prepared our cases and the systems we have used will allow us to fully and to the best of our ability represent disabled workers and make a profit in doing so.

7-Figure SSD Practice Blueprint: What You Will Discover At The Event

When done right, SSD can bring FAST Fortune to your practice. And I can guarantee you’ve never seen anything like the powerful information we’ll be sharing with you at our 7-Figure SSD Practice Blueprint event on November 7th and 8th.

Whether you have only dabbled in SSD claims or you are an experienced practitioner seeking more clients and substantial business growth, we’ll show you, step-by-step, how to create a more profitable and sustainable practice at the SSD 7-Figure Practice Blueprint seminar. (A system that can be run with a well trained paralegal that lets you do the legal work you want!)

As I mentioned, both Nancy and I have created 7-figure SSD practices and have trained both new and seasoned practitioners to do the same. You will learn the basics of Social Security Disability law and cutting-edge practice management techniques to help keep the income flowing and the workload systematized. We’ll do all of this using mock interviews and hearings, case studies and advanced marketing training.

What’s the Cost?

If you’re anything like me, you may have scrolled down to this section of the page hoping to get right to the cost. Truth is, the cost is negligible compared to the foolproof practice building strategies, management systems and marketing tools we’re going to teach you at this event. If you do what we tell you and implement the steps, you’ll experience results as soon as you get home.

Similar training seminars are often priced at $3000 or more—but due to the state of our industry and our desire to help as many struggling practitioners as possible, we are making this seminar available at the price that will jump start your practice at $997.

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The event will take place on March 6th and 7th in Philadelphia PA.

Can this One Seminar Change Your Life?

Truth is most lawyers go from one seminar to the next – addicted to what I call “the seminar high”. They feel good at the seminar, take lots of notes…but have NO results to show for it.

The difference with “7 Figure SSD Practice Blueprint” Seminar is two-fold. First, we’re going to give you tools, guides and shortcuts so you can start getting results FAST. As one of our colleagues said, “Save me the labor pains and just give me the baby”. That’s what we’re intending to do.

We’ll also make sure you leave with a step-by-step action plan of what to do immediately after you get home from the seminar and we’ll still stay in touch with you via monthly calls and online training afterwards. We’re holding NOTHING back. You’ll be handed all of these critical strategies on a silver platter. At the end of the seminar you can take them in total and immediately use them to transform your practice into a SSD “Money Making Machine” that’s envied by your competition. Just follow the systematic steps Nancy and I will reveal and you’ll be both amazed and delighted at how truly EASY it can be to attract a seemingly ENDLESS supply of newfound wealth in your practice.

“ I booked 4 speaking engagements in my community in a few weeks after the training and I’m now receiving referrals for SSD cases from the top medical professionals in town. And I’m new to the practice area! Thank you for your help.”
Linda M SSD Attorney

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Nancy and I look forward to seeing you in March and personally helping you create a practice which is consistently profitable, predictable and easily sustains the lifestyle you desire. Join us in Philadelphia and we’ll show you step-by-step how to make it happen.

P.S. Remember, attendance for this event will be based on the demand, so don’t wait to lock in your spot!